The Tao Group creates new enabling tools for biomedical and environmental health research, develops wireless personal sensors for mobile health solutions, and explores fundamental phenomena of nature at the single molecule level for next-generation detection technologies.

New plasmonic technologies are invented for label-free imaging and detection of subcellular activities, from protein binding, ion-channel and organelle activities, to single-protein detection in live cells. The technologies show extreme precision in sensing small molecules, as well as providing super resolution optical imaging and image-based stand off detection of human metabolic activities.

To develop pocket-sized wireless sensing devices, we hybridize different sensing platforms, including electrical, electrochemical, mechanical and optical signal transductions. This permits us to achieve results that a single sensor alone cannot deliver.  We use a system-level approach that optimizes devices from sample collection and sensing elements to signal processing and communication to deliver a complete solution to real-world problems.

From both experimental and theoretical aspects, we are developing techniques to measure the fundamental properties of single molecules, their  electronic, mechanical, and thermoelectrical properties, etc, and exploring their application for next-generation detection devices.