This is a public platform to share your condolences with Professor Nongjian Tao’s family.

If you have thoughts, anecdotes or reminiscences about him please email your message to and your message will be posted here shortly. For private messages, you may write to for further forwarding to Prof. Tao’s family.

Tony Dickherber (NIH)

I only just heard that NJ has tragically and unexpectedly passed away. My most heartfelt condolences for this terrible loss. I was quite fond of NJ and can’t quite grasp that I won’t see him again. His passing is clearly an enormous loss to science, and I can’t imagine the impact on the ASU community. The world is a little less bright today knowing we no longer have his leadership and vision.

Jiandi Zhang (Louisiana State University)

As a friend and a colleague at FIU, I was so shocked by learning that Nongjian left us. I really like to know more details. He was a such a humble person and nice colleague, friend of mine. I pray for him, for his family.




陈宇衡(National Instruments


Wei Wang (Nanjing University)

It was a shocking and grieving moment to hear this news a few days ago. Dr. Tao is a great person who taught me a lot from not only professional but also moral aspects. I feel terribly sorry for not being able to stand in person with Dr. Tao’s family during this difficult moment.

Raphael Roesch (Germany)

I will remember Dr. Tao as an outstanding mentor and brilliant scientist. I greatly enjoyed my postdoctoral research experience at ASU and I am very grateful to Dr. Tao for providing me with the unique opportunity to work in his group. I also appreciate his kindness to invite me for lunch whenever I visited the group afterwards.

Wenrong Yang (Deakin University)

I am deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Tao. Dr Tao is a nice person and an outstanding scientist I eve met. I will reserve a quiet moment to remember him.

Please pass my wishes and regards to Dr. Tao’s family.